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Why Choose Xeros?


A Patented Polymer Cleaning Solution for Hotels with In-House Laundry Operations

Hotels with in-house laundry operations are a critical function of any hotel property, yet consume a tremendous amount of natural resources. By choosing a Xeros System, you benefit directly with:

Decreased Laundry Costs

By converting in-house laundry operations to a Xeros based polymer washing system, hotels can cut laundry costs by up to 50 percent with immediate savings in water, energy, chemicals and support costs through our innovative care program.

Increased Useful Life of Linens

Xeros' polymer cleaning solution routinely out performs aqueous washing methods. Hotels can deliver cleaner linens to their guests and keep inventory in circulation longer. Longer term savings in areas such as linen replacement will also be achieved after extended use.

Demonstrated Commitment to the Environment

By converting to a Xeros' polymer cleaning solution, hotels are able to highlight their commitment to the environment and advance their standing as a "green" hotel.