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Take three minutes to evaluate your commercial laundry operation and see how Xeros' superior cleaning stacks up

The Xeros bead-based washing system represents a revolutionary leap forward in laundry washing technology. The patented polymer beads, combined with Xeros’ proprietary washing machine, provide numerous advantages over traditional detergent and water laundry systems. Above all else, polymer beads provide superior cleaning.

Xeros’ award-winning polymer bead technology reduces the need to pre-treat stains, particularly greasy collars and cuffs. Xeros fully cleans linen with a single wash, eliminating the need to rewash linens over and over again to keep them looking clean (which causes inadvertent, increased wear).

How much do you currently spend on the services that are needed to run your commercial laundry operation?

Between energy, water, chemicals, maintenance, training, and all of the other support elements that go into the day-to-day running of your laundry, what is your laundry actually costing you each month?

Getting an exact answer to this question can be difficult, especially when aspects of your laundry operation are handled by various vendors, each with distinct billing cycles and practices.

Life is just easier with Sbeadycare Services

You may eventually ask yourself: why isn’t there a solution to make my laundry operations more efficient... and my life easier? Turns out, there is – Xeros Sbeadycare.

Xeros’ Sbeadycare programme is an integrated service that combines the revolutionary new Xeros polymer bead washing system with an all-in-one vendor. This programme provides the installation; initial & ongoing training; the polymer beads – including their eventual replacement and recycling; the chemicals; regular maintenance, and the marketing support that you need to tell your customers about your award-winning Xeros laundry system.

All of this is provided for just a single, manageable monthly fee.

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Polymer Beads

The Xeros patented polymer beads are part of our Sbeadycare support services, including replacement by a certified technician when needed.

Service & Maintenance

The Xeros system comes with 100% service and ongoing maintenance throughout the life of your lease.


All your chemicals and detergents are included as part of Sbeadycare. No need to outsource to a third party.


With Xeros, your machine installation costs are covered through Sbeadycare.

Training & Support

The Xeros training and support team is readily available to help educate you and your colleagues on using the Xeros system. Ongoing monthly support is also part of the Xeros lease.

Technology & Software

With Xeros, our Sbeadycare PULSE programme helps you monitor and manage the costs of your laundry operation against a comparable conventional machine. Xeros PULSE technology is installed as part of your Xeros Sbeadycare lease.

Marketing Support

With Xeros, we have a full line of marketing support programmes to help you educate your customers on the value Xeros brings to your business and your customers.


After hundreds of washes, the 100% recyclable polymer beads are replaced by a Xeros technician – all part of our Sbeadycare services.